Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Definition of Thankful

feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.


I find it so appropriate to post around Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 28, was Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. The general purpose of our holiday is to be cognizant of all the things in your life that you should be thankful for, and to outwardly recognize them.

Well…I am thankful for so many things, especially this year. There are numerous things that this surgery has taught me, things I never expected to learn going into it. I learned a lot about myself, and about my family and friends. I learned about my body and its strengths and weaknesses. I mostly learned, though, that I have a lot to be thankful for.

I don’t want to cheapen my gratefulness by writing something on here that I should be saying to all of my loved ones every day…but this is a great a place as any to start…right?

Firstly, I have to say that I am thankful for a graceful God who allowed me to have a challenge that I had to learn to endure and eventually overcome. These things made me a better person. I am thankful for the guidance I received during recovery. And ultimately for what turned into a smooth and somewhat seamless full recovery. I have been very lucky and no one knows that more than I do.

Right behind the big guy, I really have to say that I am extremely thankful for my husband. That guy doesn’t get nearly enough credit for everything he has done for me over the last 5 years, never mind the last two years preparing and recovering from PAO. And while this blog directly discusses my surgeries…everyone needs to realize that this man has literally kept me sane through some of the most difficult times in my life. I really don’t know where I’d be without him. During recovery there were some extremely trying moments for both of us…and he never even batted an eye. It was, to say the least, the most humbling experience of my life. Watching him, it was so obvious to see how much he loves me. And that he would do whatever was needed of him to help me…in every aspect of my life. THAT, my friends, is what love and marriage is all about. I am a lucky girl.

I am so, so thankful for Dr. Schiller. Being referred to him was one of the best things to happen to me. I think I’ve said this about a hundred times, but that guy has changed my life for the better. I will say it a million times, if that’s what it takes to get my point across. Dr. S and PAO has made me different person. I can live a normal life…and that’s not something to ever take for granted.

I’m thankful for my mom: another person who doesn’t get enough credit, in my opinion. Besides all the obvious work put into birthing me and all that jazz; during my recovery she took time off of 3 jobs to care for me several times a week for longer than I care to admit. She was a trooper. She would get to my house before 7, help me out of bed, get me my medications, my breakfast, help me to the bathroom, clean the house when it needed it…I mean…everything! She had to step in and take care of me so that Matt could go to work and try and keep a steady pace of things while I recovered. She was amazing…never complained one bit about any of it. She was a pleasure to be around, as usual, and made recovery so much easier. 

I'm thankful for my in-laws, who, regardless of going through a trying time, drove almost an hour to my house to care for me several times a week while Matt tried to keep things steady on the work front. They were so helpful, cleaning up the house where needed and when asked…without question. Making my afternoon coffee, just the way I like it. Keeping me company and trying to make sure I didn’t go completely nuts from sitting in the chair every day for what seemed like years and years. They are the best, I couldn’t have asked for more caring and supportive in-laws.

There are so many other people to be thankful for: my friends and other family who were so supportive through all of this, bringing food and helping out around the house. It’s true, what they say, that you find out who your friends are in real times of need. It was amazing to see everyone step up and help us when we really needed it, without even asking! We had friends rotating nights and bringing us whole meals several nights a week for WEEKS so that Matt didn't have to worry about making dinner! That was an amazing help! The support from our friends and family was really, beyond amazing. Looking back on it now, I probably couldn’t see the forest through the trees at the time…so I hope that they all know how thankful I am for everything each and every one of them did for us! We have such great friends and family.

To close, I am thankful for many, many things: health and happiness, a good home and a great family, friends that make me smile and are always there for me, and many many more things. I could go on all day about how thankful I am for this life that I am living. I can’t begin to explain how fortunate I feel, and how lucky I really am. I am a happy, thankful, lucky, grateful girl…sometimes overwhelmingly so! 

I guess all that's really left to say is thank you.

-D xoxo