Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sitting Pretty.

Hello again! Updating on the painful hip issues.

A couple weeks ago I decided to call and make an appointment with Dr. S. to see what's going on with this silly little hip. It hasn't gotten better, and what's more is that it's more painful than it was. I've had a couple pretty concerning episodes with serious pain. One where I actually couldn't even stand up straight or walk at all, I had to have my husband get my crutches so I could get around for a few minutes while my hip worked itself out. The pain eventually went away, but it was scary for a few minutes.
It's doesn't seem like bone pain, though. It seems like it's psoas, or something muscular/tendon deep in there that is pulling. It's a pulling and aching feeling, and it only happens when I use the muscles. It doesn't seem to hurt when the leg is moved without my muscles (like if I move it physically with my hands). Almost every episode has happened after I've been sitting for a while. I am continuing to have a hard time with sitting. Even as I write this, I can feel everything stiffening up. Generally speaking, I can get along just fine with the sitting/stiffness issue. It's only painful to stand up straight, and for a few seconds walking when I get up, but after I move around to get things going again it's not really painful at all. It's just the "start-up" that hurts. I think I need some WD-40.

So, now I just wait until I can see Dr. S. I meet with him in another couple weeks on the 31st of March. It can't come soon enough. I want to chat about my right hip, and I also want to bring up my left hip, which is also stiff and painful when I first get up as well. The left isn't overly worrisome, but I want to bring it to his attention in case he wants to see what's up.

I know it could be any number of things. I could just be that I really need to get back to the gym and work and stretch these bad boys out. It could be that these are the kinds of things I should expect from a PAO-ed hip. It could be that there really is something going on. Who knows, we will hopefully start figuring it out over the next few weeks.

I'll let you know how my appointment with Dr. S. goes.